Sunday, March 24, 2013

Why is it so hard to meet people in Spokane?

When I say "people," I refer to mainly gay people. I was in Portland recently and met no fewer than forty new people in a week at three different outings. I was introduced to these people by three of my current friends that live in Portland. We met at Coffee, at Breakfast, and with a group that gathers from different offices at food carts in downtown for lunch during the workweek. The conversations ranged from political, to TV, to workout tips, to what's for dinner. These were not "pick up" outings. Now, were any of them interested in one another or me in a sexual or dating way potentially, they might have talked amongst themselves about it. However, it was not part of the conversation during these meetings and conversations. There were all age ranges, personalities, and styles of people.

Why do those in Spokane have to make it so hard?

     Time to Relocate


Miss Amazon has faced that issue many times and, having been born and raised here, has somewhat of an answer. To my knowledge, Spokane is the biggest small town on earth. Your question about having trouble meeting people is not new or limited to the GLBTQAI community. One of the first questions people are often asked is, "where did you go to high school?" This allows the questioner to place you as a native or new person, as well as socio-economically. Spokane is a hard place to meet and make friends no matter your sexual orientation. The best way to look at it is, if you are not from here, it is like changing schools at the end of senior year and everyone already has cliques established and you are an outsider.

This atmosphere is even worse for GLBTQAI people because our Lilac City has many self-hating persons in power who are also homosexual. A gay mayor was crucified for his sexual orientation a few years back, for example. One prominent family has 4 generations of gay men heading it, but who could not come out because they are a founding family. This is also true of a person who is in a position to sway public opinion, but is unable to act out his sexual desires because he is a pillar of the community. 

Pudding...if you are asking Miss Amazon if you should leave Spokane so you can make more friends and live more of an gay social life...I say, "no." If one sees a problem and does not make the effort to change it, then what good are we to our community as a whole? If one moves because there is no way for people to meet and get to know each other without the pretense of mating, then one is not leaving Spokane better than it was found and their footprints disappear as fast as they step. Our esteemed Publisher, Dean, has over the last few years made inroads with the very issue about which you are concerned. He has helped found many alternatives to the bar scene for the GLBTQAI community in Spokane and I highly recommend you get to know him and his projects. Miss Amazon hopes you decide to stay as part of our community and become part of the change you wish to see in our world.

Remember...Miss Amazon loves YOU and all you do!

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder...behold!

Miss Amazon:

You are so lovely! How do you keep so beautiful??? Please share your secrets!

PYT in Veradale

Well Pudding...I agree I have held together fairly well over the years but it is because I make my own soaks and scrubs to care for my skin. My favorite is a Warm Vanilla Sugar Bath Salt Scrub. You can make it's the recipe:


20 oz Bail & Wire jar
1 oz Warm Vanilla Sugar Fragrance Oil
8 oz Fine Sea Salt
6 oz Medium Sea Salt
2 oz  Powdered Spa Sea Salt
2 tblsps SLS
2 oz Sweet Almond Oil
2 oz Grapeseed Oil
drizzle of Vitamin E Oil

Mix all ingredients in a measuring cup or bowl. 
Sugar can be substituted for Medium Sea Salt
if you want a finer scrub instead of a soak. 
Add to your favorite container.
Recipe makes 20 ounces.

Stay beautiful PYT and remember....Miss Amazon loves YOU!